Once rare, this fish is "around" more often then not and is not an uncommon import. Once considered difficult to breed (but not to keep) and while not easy, it it not an impossible fish to breed by any means.

Notice the differences in color in the dorsal and anal fin of the different populations: blue = Liberia, yellow = Guinea, red = Sierra Leone

The Monrovia population is seldom if ever seen today, it doesn't help that Liberia as of the time of writing is such a war torn geopolitical mess. There are three color forms dictated by the color of the dorsal fin. In general blue is from Liberia, red is from Sierra Leone and Yellow is from Guinea.

A note about the name from Huber, on what the argument is to not fold Pseudepiplatys back into Epiplatys as done in the United States:

Huber's opinion here, based on the scientific evidence he outlines, is in my opinion the correct decision despite it being at odds with strict ICZN guidelines.

Epiplatys annulatus : Kasawe

Sierra Leone



Ps/ annulatus Harbel, Monrovia
Copr_2002_Tony_Terceira, Epiplatys annulatus : Monrovia


Unknown or aquarium strains: