Fundulopanchax batesii is an annual species which occurs in swamps and swampy streams of the rainforest in Cameroon and neighboring countries. It is not easy to find this species, the fish can only be found in the rainy season or towards the end of the rainy season. In the rainy season, many of the roads are difficult to pass and biotopes are often inaccessible. Of course, this species is not found in the dry season.
In 1978 I found a single male and some Enteromius jae by chance near Mbandjock in a swamp on an area cleared by the forest. In previous years, the rainforest was cleared for the construction of a sugar factory in Mbandjock. In later times, no more Fp. batesii were found in the area of Mbandjock due to the lack of forest. - Eduard Purzl

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