Celia Epie, 1968. Scheel photo

Named for Ms. Celia Epie

"A. celiae lives in fast, cool rainforest brooks that flow between the Cameroon Mountains and Mount Rumpi in west Cameroon. It was discovered and named by Jorgen J. Scheel (1916-1989), a Danish count, colonel, explorer and ichthyologist specializing in African rivulines. Scheel first encountered the species in 1966, then returned to Cameroon in 1969 to acquire more specimens. While there, he was hosted by his friend John Epie, the manager of a rubber estate. Epie accompanied Scheel during his collecting trips through the Cameroon rainforest. In fact, the type specimens were collected near Epieís home in Mambanda. For some reason, Scheel did not name the species after Mr. Epie. Instead, he named it after his eldest daughter, Miss Celia Epie. Thatís all we know about her." - Ken Lazara

Scheel, J. J. 1971. Aphyosemion franzwerneri and Aphyosemion celiae, two new rivulins from Cameroon. Tropical Fish Hobbyist v. 19 (no. 5): 48, 49, 52-57, 60-66.


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