Aphyosemion cognatum 'CI 2011'

Commercial Imports

Aphyosemion cognatum 'Gelima'

Aphyosemion cognatum 'Kenge CIZ93'

"CI Z93"

Aphyosemion cognatum 'Kinsuka'

Unusual yellow morph of COG with typical rows of red dots from the town of Kinsuka in the Kinshasa region.

Aphyosemion cognatum 'Mai-Ndombe'

"This phenotype was collected by Melanie Stiassny in several rivers north of Kinshasa. One of them was the river Mai-Ndombe not the lake. The lake is elegans territory.'
- Jouke Ven der Zee, 2014 (pers comms)

Aphyosemion cognatum 'Z2-82'

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