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Note the genus name has been changed from Adamas to Adamans; there was some controversy surrounding this, perhaps best explained by the species author himself, Jean Huber, in:

"Non-availability of a name electronically published: the case of Adamas Huber, 1979 (Pisces, Cyprinodontiformes, Nothobranchiidae), invalidly replaced on the Internet" (PDF).

In a nutshell, Huber's argument amount to two points:

A rebuttal from the Author seeking to replace Adamas (PDF):

but did not address the second point, which was that since Huber was alive he should have been contacted and allowed to change the name.

as for the first point, the timing is suspect here. Huber's article, while dated "2007" says at the bottom "Submitted on 11 December 2006" while the first issue of "Munis" was also in 2006. It appears "Munis" did not exist in print at the time Huber wrote his article. No proof is offered that it was.

Since the timing seems a little suspect and no proof is offered the "Munis" journal was distributed on paper from the first issue (even more suspect is the editor seems to have written all the articles in that first issue most of which are similar name changes based on finding conflicting zoological names) and Huber was not given a chance to correct the name, we regard the proper replacement for Adamas to be Adamans.

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