Wolfgang Eberl wrote a special about this species group (DKG Journal 2016-1) I agree what he wrote: bochtleri and herzogi are confined to central Gabon (red oval). All others are related to herzogi. Some of them with very aberrant phenotypes and DNA. Complex group! - JVDZ






The GWW 86/11 population were the first live fishes to reach Europe although at the time they were referred to BOC, not HEZ.

This is the type locality of BOC.

"Brook in rainforest about 300 meters on right side of a village near Mintoum, northern Gabon, about 029'N, 1129'E."


Oveng is about halfway on the (N2) road between Mitzic and Lalara in northern Gabon.


Type locality: Fast running brook about 3 kilometers north of Zoumoukou or 16 kilometers north of Lalara on the road to Mitzic and Oyem, northern Gabon, 027'N, 1215'E.

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