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The story of the Fundulopanchax mirabilis is only a little bit complicated. Originally they were all subspecies, having been found by Radda in rhe early 1970s: Aphyosemion mirabile mirabile, Aphyosemion mirabile mosense, Aphyosemion mirabile traudae and Aphyosemion mirabile intermittens. However the subspecies status was rejected by several authors (Wildekamp, Berkenkamp, JVDZ) and by Parenti in 1981 determined them to be Fundulopanchax not Aphyosemion, so the gender of the species name had to change (becuase Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax are not the same gender) hence "mirabilis" not "mirabile".

Thus, the species are now: Fundulopanchax intermittens Fundulopanchax mirabilis Fundulopanchax moensis and Fundulopanchax traudeae.

Fundulopanchax gresensi was found by Berkenkamp some years later; these five species from the "mirabilis" species-group.

Fundulopanchax gresensi

Fundulopanchax moensis

Fundulopanchax mirabilis

Fundulopanchax traudeae

Fundulopanchax intermittens
Mirabilis species-group

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