In August 2012 Kiril Kardashiev reported that he had bred 20 Albino forms of this fish.



Pungwe River


halancik_kadlecuvt.jpg kad-mapt.png plate1-at.jpg plate1-bt.jpg plate1-ct.jpg plate1-dt.jpg plate1-et.jpg plate1-ft.jpg plate5-1t.jpg plate5-bt.jpg plate5-ct.jpg

PLATE 1. Adult males of N. kadleci photographed in the wild (A–C) and in aquarium 1–2 months after capture (D–F). Males are either of red form (left panel) or blue form (right panel). Note a distinct frontal hump on male pictured at photograph (C). Individual on panel (D) is a subadult and has yet not fully developed colouration. Panels (A) and (E) show the same individual in the field and in aquarium. Photos by O. Sedláček (A, B, D, E & F), and R. Blažek (C).

PLATE 5. Habitat of N. kadleci; (A) type locality MZCS-08/91 (Gorongose River basin), (B) MZCS-08/107 (Save River basin) and (C) MZCS-08/99 (Pungwe River basin), all sites in central Mozambique, Sofala Province. Photos by O. Sedláček.

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