Aphyosemion kunzii
Aphyosemion kunzii

Aphyosemion (Raddaella) baesii

Aphyosemion (Raddaella) kunzi

Aphyosemion (Raddaella) batesii

Aphyosemion (Raddaella) splendidum

Aphyosemion (Raddaella) kunzi

There is a non-zero chance these fish do not all refer to the same species.

You can read Boulenger's 1911 description of BAT.

"Raddaella consists of 3 different major phenotypes corresponding with the 3 described species and occurring in 3 disjunct areas, with very narrow strips where 2 species meet." - Jouke Van Der Zee

These three phenotypes of BAT are documented here.





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