Holotype shown in image (A), paratypes in (B) and (C).

Link to Original species description by Sonnenberg & Busch.

Original spelling sidibei emended to sidibeorum in an Erratum, Sonnenberg & Busch, 2011. Huber 2011:15 considers sibibei as the correct original spelling that should be maintained.

The species name was based on Mr. Samba Sidibe and his family; Catalog of fishes treats sidibei as an incorrect original spelling, and that must be emended to sidibeorum according to Art. 31.1.2-3.

•Valid as Callopanchax sidibeorum Sonnenberg & Busch 2010 -- (Costa 2015:141 [ref. 35411]). Current status: Valid as Callopanchax sidibeorum Sonnenberg & Busch 2010. Nothobranchiidae. Distribution: Kindia Region, Guinea. Habitat: freshwater.

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