SJO - Fundulopanchax (Fundulopanchax) sjostedti "DKG Blue"


I've had DKG Blue gularis from Germany a couple of time - these are the photos.


Bob Goldstein photo of what may be one of Paul Hoppe's fishes. Besides the small size and much more intense blue body coloration, they also had a characteristic color patten in the anal fin, it was neither devoice of orange like the blue gularis or had an orange band like a dwarf red gularis, but instead had a flash or orange at the rear of the anal fin - this was consistent in all males.


I have no idea what "Vaka" is but I've seen the name before, as in "Dwarf blue VAKA" which is what these are purported to be. Note the color pattern in the anal fins is the same as the Goldstein fish.


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