Dwarf Red Gularis

These were extraordinary Dwarf Reds, photoraphed by Peter "LotsofFish" Mange, bred by his friend Conrad.

Throughout the 1980 and 1990s Szafreneck in Germany consistently entered Dwarf Red SJO into the AKA show every year. These had intense orange coloration from the fin into the body, orange it e and fin and orange pecs. The caudal tips never grew extensions and the fish was noticeably smaller in side, more large-gardneri size than typical SJO.

I've had Dwarf Red SJO a few times, these are the photos The small one is Szafreneck's strains, the larger one with points tips and the caudal is David Ramsey's strain.

00-0-Copr_1980-BKAt.jpg 00-0-Copr_1996-KRDt.jpg 00-0-Copr_2010-BlackJack-jpt.jpg 03-0-Copr_2015-Unknownt.jpg 00-0-Copr_2011_Charlie_Grimest.jpg 00-0-Copr_2011_Gustavo_Grandjeant.jpg 00-0-Copr_2013-Kmmt.jpg 00-0-Copr_2014-Pablo_Calvinot.jpg 00-0-Copr_2015-Karen_Murreyt.jpg 00-0-Copr_2015-jackt.jpg 02-0-Copr_2015-Unknownt.jpg 04-0-Copr_2015-Unknownt.jpg 22-0-Copr_2015-Lottafisht.jpg

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