Unknown Aphosemion Species
Unknown Aphyosemion Species


Cameronense 4


Ray Schmidt and his team has collected this from Esong Rio Misee (Mitimele R. basin) in southern Equatorial Guinea, October 2021.

Olivier Legros: A new species
Mogens Juhl: yes, but herzogi group

Aphyosemion aff. cognatum 'Kinsuka' 2014 by Serge Mevellec

Aphyosemion sp. 'Kinsuka'

This fish looks for all the world like Aphy. elegans because of the barring on the flanks, but the ice blue in the caudal and dorsal fins says it's cognatum. It was collected in April 2014 by Serge Mevellec in the Punda river, near the town of Kinsuka in the Kinshasa region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2017 Russel Tate found the same fish in a small creek in the Momboyo drainage in Central Congo.

Russell Tate 2017 specimen


A. sp Makanje Plantation ABK 2007 146


DNA analysis shows this to be different from A. australe although it looks the same. If it however much much larger. Males are 10cm (around four inches).


Elegens group.

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