Unidentified Epiplatys Species
Unidentified Epiplatys Sp:


Epiplatys species COCCA 2019-09 from Boumayombi.


A undescribed species of the Epiplatys fasciolatus group, from Guinea.


Not that far from an possibly related to the fish from Sindara


... it belongs to the ansorgii group. 2 characters are diagnostic for this group: 1. black spot or bar on "cheek" (multifasciatus and related species have a white cheek). 2. The upper jaw doesn't fit completely into lower jaw, therefore the snout in sexfasciatus and multifasciatus looks flatter. sexfasciatus-group can always be separated from all other Lower Guinea Epiplatys by having the frontal neuromasts in separate pits (left) . All other species have both neuromasts in 1 pit (right) - jvdz - Apr 27, Facebook.


"On my trip to Gabon in the 1988, together with Roland Numrich, we discovered not far from the village Sindara a colorful Epiplatys species. It resembles a little bit Epiplatys huberi, but the last years so many new species have been described - so probably our Epiplatys sp. "Sindara" will follow sooner or later. In 2001, on my trip with Steffen Hellner, we collected this fish again and Heinz Ott, who is specialized in Epiplatys could keep this variety until now. Some month ago he returned three pairs to me - and was happy to breed them again - as the males are so beautiful" - Friedrich Bitter, Dec 19, 2013, Facebook.

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