Nothobranchius sp. Lake Victoria FHB TZ 12/2009 "Serengeti West Gate"


This is more closely related to N. wattersi and N. kirki and an undescribed species from northern Mozambique. These form a group which are distinct to other Nothos. It was not discovered by accident. The phylogeny of van der Merwe et al predicted that an unknown species was likely to exist at the border of the distribution of the "coastal clade" (N. melanospilus, eggersi, patrizi and so on...). If it looks similar to these other species it is because it is more closely related to the common ancestor of these species than anything else. - Tyrone Genade


cf RAC MZCS 2009/249

Sp Nassoro MZHL 2005-14

Sp Nassoro MZHL 2005/14

Nothobranchius affinis rubripinnis Lisinjiri river TAN-97/27

aff RUB Lisinjiri TAN 97/27

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