Fundulopanchax (Paraphyosemion) walkeri
"The difference in DNA between walkeri and spurelli is bigger than that between arnoldi and filamentosum" - JVDZ Dec. 2018.

Fundulopanchax walkeri Orange

The Orange, Kutunse and GH2 forms are the ones most commonly available so far and there are more pictures of these than the others.


Shots taken from a youtube video of GAR and WAL getting into a fight.

Radda_WAL_Locationst.png 00-0-Copr_2015-Dimitrovt.jpg 00-0-Copr_2015-Peter_Maguiret.jpg 00-1-Copr_2015-Dimitrovt.jpg 01-0-Copr_2015-Peter_Maguiret.jpg 00-1-Copr_2015-Peter_Maguiret.jpg 01-0-Copr_2015-Dimitrovt.jpg 01-1-Copr_2015-Dimitrovt.jpg 02-0-Copr_2015-Peter_Maguiret.jpg

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