In spring of 1990 Oleg Kiselev and Richard Sexton visited a commercial fish wholesaler/importer who had received a shipment of killies from Africa. The fish turns out to be E. sexfasciatus, A. spilauchen, Foerschichthys nigeriensis and F. filamentosum.

The tank holding the FIL must have had 2000 fish and they all looked the same, like regular FIL you see here (not a photo of the actual fish, but exactly the same).

They were however, two that were different, a green male FIL another fish with with a lyre tail that had more purple in it than the other FIL.

These images and ancient and frame grabbed from a VHS tape. But they're authentic.

Wright Huntley was sent the lone male; he's accomplished with FIL but never got any fertile eggs from that male with any female.


The images here are digitally enhanced. These are he tiny original images frame grabbed from VHS tape.

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