Subject: Re: Epiplatys sp. 'Lake Fwa'
From: (Hubert Wischmann)
Date: 19 Jan 2002 11:44 GMT

Hallo, I have this fishes since about 15 years, and I am happy to see, that they are now Florida. Did you get them from Henry? I got them from Lothar Seegers, who took fotos for Bleher from the fishes he brought from Afrika.

There were big problems with the wild fishes of this species. They seemed all to die, and I tried to put them into water, which was nearly black from old peat. I was not shure, if that was a good idea, but it worked, and so Lothar could take his fotos an I could get some eggs.

You see, I had and have a lot of generations in my tanks, an the problems I had with the wild and the first generations are history. Now they can live in old or fresh water. They like shady part in the tank. My fishes do not like mops. I find a lot more eggs if they have java-moss or algae. The eggs develop in our normal tapwater, about 10°dH and pH around seven. I do not add anything to that water, I tried some years ago, but the fry was colored and died... They come out after two weeks, eat fresh artemias and grow slowly.

Hubert Wischmann
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