Horst Gresens and V. Schwoiser collected these from an unknown locaiton (?) 1988, hence "GS1" and "GS2". Opinion seems to be they may be A. oeseri and this riddle has persisted since then. The may have something to do with the A. micropththalmum riddle Huber talks about.

Fundulopanchax species GS1 'Mundemba MU_2016-01'

GS 1

Fundulopanchax species GS2 'Mundemba MU_2016-02'

GS 2

00-0-Copr_2016-Unknownt.jpg 00-0-Copr_2016-Enguenet.jpg 01-0-Copr_2016-Unknownt.jpg

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