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The AKA list

After a few years the AKA began their own list tha was quite successful and it ran for a number of years. Email gave way to website bulletin boards though, around the turn of the 21 century.

Killi-talk archive: June 2004 - Aug 2009


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The currently (2018) active groups are listed above.

RJS on the phone to Holland: "Did you get my email?"

The Killies List

The first mailing list on the Internet about tropical fish, was started in 1986 by Richard Sexton on Brian Reid's computer in Palo Alto.


The freely available bulletin board code for the web let any number of chat boards for killifish flourish. With email lists is was considered polite to have one list per topic and subdivide if needed but resources are not duplicated to maintain global reach. Web chat boards changed all that and to an extent fragmented the community. People lost touch with one another.

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