The Nothobranchiini tribe
The Nothobranchiini tribe

Whereas Apyosemion and Epiplatys species are generally found in forest streams, nothos are found in bodies of water inhabiting more open ground. The fishes themselves are almost all fat bodied smaller fish; while many of them look rather alike in terms of coloration (blue bodie/red tail) many are unique and one in particular - N. rachovii might be one of the prettiest freshwater fish, ever.

Family Nothobranchiidae Garman, 1895. [Garman, S. 1895. The cyprinodonts. Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard
College 19 (1): 1-179, 12 plates.]
Subfamily Nothobranchiinae Garman, 1895.
Tribe Nothobranchiini Garman, 1895.
Subtribe Nothobranchiina Garman, 1895.

Genus Nothobranchius Peters, 1868.

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